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“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
- Carl Bard

Psychologist's Office

Individualized Treatment


Our mission is to provide adult men with a safe and structured program built with integrity to sustain a nurturing environment to achieve long term recovery. Through the integration of physical, mental and spiritual development, men will have the therapeutic support to address all their needs.

Nestled in the beautiful Alhambra Valley on the old spanish land grant Rancho de Los Dos Canadas, is a luxurious, colonial ranch style villa, the home of Alhambra Valley Retreat. The five acre property affords breathtaking views, resort-style amenities and a tranquil setting ideal for achieving sobriety and beginning the journey to lifetime recovery. Welcome to Alhambra Valley Retreat, Katherine's House!

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Enjoy our Holistic approach to balancing mind, body and spirit.

Hatha Class

Regular yoga practice reduce levels of stress and body-wide inflamation, contributing to healthier hearts.

Community Garden


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Luxury Setting

Men are able to focus on their sobriety in a safe and confidential way. We have an Executive Chef that prepares nutrient rich foods, specifically designed for recovery.  Additionally we have a swimming pool, individual gardening plots, pool table, equipped gym, and other recovery focused amenities. 

In house chef

Personal Chefs create highly customized meal planning options that are dialed into your specific needs and schedules. They will take care of everything from learning about your food preferences to customizing each dish to meet everyone’s taste. So, if you like enchiladas with cheese but your peers don’t like onions and your roomate prefers the enchilada sauce on the side, a Personal chef can solve that problem in a flash through their attention to detail. You are #1 when it comes to a Personal Chef Service. It’s all about you! And when it comes to your treatment, we will make sure you get most out of your stay with us.

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